Jungle Kingdom: Black Woven Animal Fabric by the Meter



Jungle Kingdom: Black Woven Animal Fabric by the Meter



Product description

Black Sewing material by yard / meter

Tapestry upholstery fabric

Beautiful Botanical Tropical Leaves Jungle Kingdom Woven Fabric

Jungle animals pattern textile 

Gorgeous Green Mustard Color Leaves

Upholstery Curtains Drapery Cushions

Width 137cm

Pattern repeat approx. 

Fabric weight 425 gram per square meter

Sold by Meter

Please note that if more than one piece of fabric is ordered it will come as one continuous piece as it is cut from the roll

Introducing the enchanting Tropical Jungle Kingdom Tapestry! This stunning woven sewing material showcases a captivating pattern that embodies the vibrant spirit of the wild. Picture a lush tropical jungle teeming with life, where majestic zebra, sleek leopard, playful monkeys, and charming lemurs roam freely amidst the verdant foliage.

The tapestry features an intricate design that brings this exotic landscape to life. Its background is adorned with a rich shade of green, resembling the dense foliage of the jungle. The focal point of the pattern is the assortment of wild jungle animals, each meticulously woven with impeccable detail, capturing their distinctive characteristics and beauty.

Adding to the allure of this tapestry are the exotic floral botanical plants. Delicate leaves in various shades of green cascade across the fabric, mimicking the intricate network of foliage found in tropical jungles. Interspersed among the leaves are bursts of vivid red flowers, their vibrant hue contrasting beautifully against the lush greenery.

Crafted with care and precision, this tapestry is perfect for a wide range of upholstery and home projects. Transform your stools, chairs, and benches into captivating pieces of art, instantly infusing any space with a touch of the exotic. Additionally, the material is ideal for sewing projects, allowing you to create stunning cushions, pillows, and various arts and crafts items that will add a unique flair to your home decor.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an animal lover, or simply seeking to bring a tropical paradise into your living space, the Tropical Jungle Kingdom Tapestry is an exquisite choice. Let its vibrant colors and intricate design transport you to a world of untamed beauty and create an ambiance that will captivate all who enter your home.


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