African Ladies Print Tribal Cotton Fabric Panel 140x100 Baobab Fruit Tree Leaves Yellow


African Ladies Print Tribal Cotton Fabric Panel 140x100 Baobab Fruit Tree Leaves Yellow

Product description

Gorgeous Botanical Panel African Ladys Tree Leaves 

Printed Cotton Fabric 

Suitable for Curtains Cushions Blinds Pattern Repeat 51cmDesigners Textile Material Oatmeal Beige Brown Green Pink

Length 140cm x width 100cm

Introducing our vibrant African Native Tribal Cotton Fabric Panel, a celebration of culture and heritage that will infuse your space with warmth and authenticity. Measuring 140 x 100 cm, this digitally printed cotton fabric panel showcases a mesmerizing design inspired by African native people.

The fabric panel features a captivating yellow orange mustard color background that serves as a striking canvas for the depiction of African native ladies dressed in traditional clothing. Each figure exudes grace and beauty, showcasing the diversity and richness of African cultures. The digital printing technique ensures that every intricate detail, from the patterns on their clothing to the expressions on their faces, is faithfully reproduced.

Crafted from high-quality cotton fabric, this panel is both soft to the touch and durable, making it suitable for a variety of sewing projects. Whether you're creating Roman blinds, pillows, cushions, or engaging in arts and crafts activities, this fabric panel is an ideal choice. Additionally, its versatility extends to light domestic upholstery, allowing you to refresh the look of your chairs with a touch of African-inspired style.

Our African Native Tribal Cotton Fabric Panel is available for purchase by the meter, allowing you to order the exact amount you need for your project. This flexibility ensures minimal waste and allows you to tailor the fabric to your specific requirements.

Embrace the beauty and cultural richness of Africa with our African Native Tribal Cotton Fabric Panel. Let its vibrant colors and captivating design transport you to a world filled with tradition and heritage. Whether used in your home or incorporated into your creative endeavors, this fabric panel is sure to make a bold and unforgettable statement.


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